Bogs down at full throttle *VIDEO*

First off, here's a video of my bike. --


Hey everyone, I bought a used 2006 TTR-125 and found out the choke was seized up. It was a nightmare to start so I decided to change out the carb. Bout a Mikuni vm-24 online. It worked but it bogged out and full throttle so I went to buy jets only to find out the carb was a chinese knock-off and new jets wouldn't fit. 


So, I bout a legit Mikuni VM-26 and now I'm having the same bogged down problem. The main jet is a 110 (I'm pretty sure) and I just put in a new pilot that is a 17.5. Started it up. Cranked in a couple of minutes and ran but once again, bogging down at full throttle. 


Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to fix this? I feel horrible because I bought this for my wife months ago and she hasn't been able to ride because I can't figure out how to make it run right. 




You open yourself up for a can of worms when you change from the factory carb, I've done it once and will never do it again, it's gonna be a pain in the ass to get jetted right as you have no baseline for where to start and no wheel dyno to test and tune on. If you would have bought a new factory carb you could have went up one pilot jet size and roughly 2 main jet sizes, removed the airbox snorkel, bolted on a pipe and had a bike that ripps. From your video it looks like you need to go up a couple sizes on your main jet, seems to idle ok so pilot jet is fine. I would go up two main jet sizes and see if it does better, if it bogs worse then you can try to go down a main jet or two, a rich or lean condition can have the almost same effect. Gonna take some time to get that thing dialed in, good luck with it.

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