Cleaning Tips Wanted

Hey guys, need some help again. From reading this site I know that Simple Green is the best excrement ever for cleaning, but I had a question about technique. What do you guys do to get the hubs and engine clean? They've both got that sort of textured/painted aluminum finish that doesn't seem to come clean without brushing. Are there any spray on/hose off techniques for getting these areas clean? I didn't used to worry about it because in NM I could clean the bike with an air compressor :) Out here in sunny Oregon though, there seems to be few more puddles around. Any tips would be appreciated.

I Have NEVER found a "spray on...hose off" product meet my personal standards for cleanliness. I collect different brushes for cleaning my bike. One of my "must haves" is a brush for cleaning the inside of baby bottles. It's fairly small in diameter with soft bristles and also has a round head of bristles on the end for getting into crevices. I use this brush for cleaning in that area around the shifter and the crevices of the shock linkage. Old toothbrushes are great for getting in and around the carb area.

What kind of yuk is getting on your hubs?? I spray my bike (all of it) with Simple Green and let it soak for a couple of minutes. I then fire up my pressure washer and get busy. Even the chain lube on the sprocket and hub will spray off easily.


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