Leftover 2012 and Yamaha Customer Cash?

I am planning on buying a leftover 2012, assuming I can get a decent deal.  Advertised prices range from $5,000 to $7,000.  If you have purchased a 2012 recently, would you please let me know:


1. Did you get $600 Customer Cash as advertised? 

2. What did you pay for you 2012, including all fees (except sales tax) and not taking into consideration "Customer Cash")



Thanks in advance.

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I paid $6k OTD for my 2012. No customer cash and there is no sales tax in Oregon so that was my final price to be allowed to put it in my truck. Bought in August 2013

3 months ago I bought a 12 and got $300 customer cash. I had the dealer order both the skid plate as well as the rad guards. I ended up paying therebpricd and tax. so out of pocket it was about $20. I went that way instead of the ecm. I got the ecm and programmer cheaper from rocky mountain.


Only price I've been able to confirm so far is $6,600 + TT&L.  That's only $300 less than the 2013 I found here in town.  When I mentioned to the dealer that '12's were going for $6k, his response was "Wow!".   These dealers are running very misleading ads. 

Pricing was so close to the 2013 (+$200), I bought the '13.

Sorry you couldn't get a better price. I'm looking at a yamaha four the wife and while the base price is good they are trying to stick it to me with the destination charge and other prep fees.

$6800 before tt&l for a '13. No real good deals down South. My buddy paid $7300 for his 2012 last April from same shop.

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