2013 YZ450F Idle Issue

Hey fellas, just picked up a brand new 2013 450f yesterday. But the bike will not idle without the "choke" pulled out. Guys at the dealership yesterday said it just needed broke in a little. Well I rode it today for about 5 hours and the bike still will not idle without the "choke" plunger pulled out. Any ideas on why this is to save me a 35mile trip back to the dealership? Thanks again in advance!!

The cold start button you're referring to is also the idle speed adjustment.  Back it out a little as if unscrewing it.  That will raise the idle speed.

Awesome bro thanks! That is most likely it, I will try when I get home. Thanks again brother

Once again sorry for asking such a dumb question, I am just so use to carburetors and wasn't even aware there was an idle adjustment on these throttle bodies, thanks again

That most likely is it. Please update when you get home and check it.

Will do, working night shift so it won't be until the morning

That was indeed it. As suspected.

So, what does that tell you about the "guys at the dealership" who you talked to?

It simply amazes me. Before this bike I came off a 450 quad and those throttle bodies don't have idle adjustments per say like this bike so I didn't even think that was a option. I can't believe they didn't mention the idle adjustment

New bike should have also came with the yamaha service book and small tool kit. It's pretty detailed.

Yeah I dig the service Manuel, not to often you buy something new with such a detailed Manuel anymore. I made this thread kind of out of frustration from only having the bike one day and wasnt idling. I read through the book, some good shit in there

Be sure to look at page 1-11 regarding the quick fasteners.  Most people who haven't seen one of these can't figure them out.

I've seen quic fasteners before, but yes I did read through/skim basically the entire book. Especially the EFI system, everything else I'm fairly familiar with.

But thank you for your help and replies.

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