Who's got the best fork seals?


I know the time is getting near for at least 1 seal of mine to go south. Was wondering if anyone knows of a better seal than the stock one you can pick up at the local Yamie shop? When I say better I'm talking from the stiction standpoint.

When I sent my KX suspension off a couple of years ago supposedly Factory Connection installed "updated" KYB seals.


I have always had the best luck going to the local cash dumpster (the Yamaha dealer) and ordering the stock Yamaha part. If KYB or any other fork manufacturer makes an updated seal, it's probably good but I never heard of it.

One thing is for sure, stay away from the "Lifetime fork seals" that you can buy out of many magazines and catalogs including Dennis Kirk. The only thing guaranteed about them is their inevitable FAILURE. Sure you get a free replacement, but what a hassle to dig into your boingers again.

2001 YZ426 Scott steering damper, Dubach hot start, Pro Tapers, FRS communications system, and a whole other bunch of money magnets.


I know about those lifetime seals, ever set I've seen put into anything failed (and usually sooner than later).

I use stock and cut the springs inside each seal down to make them a little tighter which works good for about 8 months now and counting. Have not even cleaned them after each ride.

I'm probably going to go out in the garage now and all my fork oil will be on the floor since I said something about it...

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