Can anyone recommend a comfortable seat?

I'd like to replace that "seat" Yamaha calls their saddle on my WR. I havent seen a post on these for the past few years and thought I would ask some you vets out there who might have some experience replacing their seats.

I've heard of names like SDG (consensus=hard), Guts Racing (consensus=comfortable), One Industries (consensus=??).

Please help- I have a hard time sitting when I get to work after a long ride over the weekend!!!

I have the guts foam. I was concerned about bottoming my butt on the seat pan when trail riding but, hasn't happned yet :)


The SDG tall seat is very comfy. The regular one is a bit hard, but not bad.

Disco. Iv'e ridden many CO/UT 100 mile days, had three different set ups on different WRs, and Guts Racing is by far the most comfortable. If you've got the height, go with the Guts tall/soft combo. If you got game ($), get non-slip material on the top of the saddle for those straight up CO/UT hill climbs. Otherwise the stock WR450 saddle is like riding a Brillo Pad all day. Speaking of game ($), things may have changed at Guts. But when I ordered my Guts setup (March 03') you needed a YZ base (stock), and thus a YZ tank (IMS) too since Guts then only catered to YZ riders. Never regretted either.....

My two cents. Guts Racing. Tall foam and new seat cover went right on an 03WR seat pan. Love it. Tim

At 5'10" the guts tall with medium foam worked well. I weigh 170. Foam selection will depend on your weight and preference for a firm vs. soft seat.

I'd love to have a more comfortable seat also, but I find the WR too be too tall already... I am concerned about the tall foam. How much height does it add??


I have guts tall on my wr426 and it is great!!!

Great thread. My seat is rock hard as well. I hardly ever sit when I ride but when I do; it freekin hurts. Thanks for the valuable info fellas.

Ditto on the Guts tall firm foam seat. No more monkey butt, however, it does raise the bike. Does anyone know of a good lowering kit for the 450's yet?

Good information everyone, sounds like the Guts tall seat is the way to go. :)

I appreciate your feedback, and hope others can use this as well.


I have tried the following seat foams and here’s how I rank them:

#1 - Factory Effex stock height/soft

#2 - Guts racing stock height/soft

#3 - SDG stock height (optional foam firmness was not provided)

I do a lot of long distance dual sport rides and trail rides as well as compete in D37 enduros and desert events. I have found the Factory FX foam to be slightly more soft and comfortable than Guts. The SDG foam felt like the same slab of cement as the stock YZ foam. I’m 5’10”, 165lbs and the taller seat options didn’t really appeal to me with my 32” inseam.

Scott, I went to and they offer a number of different covers. Which one did you think was best?

I'm still running the SDG full gripper seat cover on my 99 WR (primary race bike) and an old Ceet half gripper on my 98 (mostly dual sport use). I'm running 3.4 gallon IMS fuel tanks and YZ seats on both of my WRs, so I can't speak to OEM WR tank/seat pan configurations. I do like the full grip covers the best - easier to ride out unexpected high speed big hits and still maintain control of the bike. I don't wear knee braces (yet), so I don't have the issue of braces eating up seat covers to deal with. I looked at the Factory FX covers on the MX South web site ( took too long to load for my slow dial up connection). If it were my money, I'd go with the basic gripper cover. They had them on sale for 44.95 which is about 17 bucks cheaper than the fancy dual compound grip covers and $27 cheaper than the heavy duty "B3" cover. I'm sure my SDG and Ceet covers don't have the triple stitching the B3 boasts, but I haven't had any problems with these covers coming apart on me. That’s my 2¢…

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