'94 XR600R handlerbar tips

I was out riding at Durhamtown Plantation outside of Atlanta today and had a great day other than the fact that after just a simple slide in the mud where I dumped it on its right side, and even with Acerbis Pro Rally handguards I just installed it snapped off the front brake lever and slightly bent the right side of the stock handlebars up, and it is noticeable while riding. I see that Renthals are the bars of choice for most, I am looking for any tips, or advice on what kind of bars to look at. I want to keep the same style and size as the stock bars. Any help would be appreciated.

I had a set of renthals on my 600 which came just after a small get off that made a slight pretzel out of the stock bars. The where great and it was a quick bolt on and the bend was very similar however they where a bit wider that turned out to be a good thing. They where pretty tuff as well and held up really well to abuse. When I got my 650 the first thing I did was junk the stock bars for a new set of renthals so they have my vote.

Chaparral lists a Renthal XR600 bend in their winter catalog, part number 10-713-05. Their phone number is 800-841-2960. $64.99

If you're looking for a stock bend, the Renthal 89-91 CR Hi-bend is pretty close. It doesn't have as much sweep (much better), but the height, triple clamp area, rise & width are just like the stock bars I had on my XRL. I bought my bars at Cycle gear here in SD, CA. I paid too much, but I didn't have time to wait for mail order.

Go to www.renthal.com, if you haven't already. Also, I've had good luck with aftermarket purchases at Westymotorsports.com. The sales staff is pretty knowledgable about XR's and they've got good prices.

You can't go wrong with Renthals. :)

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