2006 WR450 Transmission went bang

So I've broken 2nd, 3rd and 5th gear. Since I can't find any WR transmissions on ebay would it be worthwhile to just throw a YZ transmission in there? They are a dime a dozen online. I know I'd lose the whole 'wide ratio' thing but honestly for techy singletrack and Moab style riding would I really miss it?


Just talking about swapping out the gearset, not the cases. I'm assuming any 2006-2011 YZ 5spd gears and shafts will drop in.


Any input? Thanks.

First gear would prove to be immediately annoying for the kind of riding you mentioned unless you also use a Rekluse.


In the YZ450F, the '06 - '09 and '10-'13 are two very slightly different transmissions, but they will both bolt in as complete units, and can be intermixed to a degree.

Thanks Gray. I could always go down on the CS sprocket or up on the rear sprocket to lower first but that would compound the narrowness of the ratios and make highway riding pretty much impossible. Bottom line is I don't want to sink a ton of money into the bike since overall it's pretty tired already. I'm budgeting 300 or so to get it going YZ style or 800+ to replace the busted WR gears, including rings, piston and gaskets.



I would get the YZ train and ride then keep an eye open for the wr's then resell the yz's. 



Well, that's a mess alright.  I'd be more prone to fix the WR trans unless I just couldn't.  The bike's worth a lot more money fixed right.

First gear would prove to be immediately annoying for the kind of riding you mentioned unless you also use a Rekluse.

Hmm, this is funny, to me the wr 1rst gear seems too low... But I'm used to the yz gearing, running 15/50 sprockets, yz 1rst is plenty plenty low enough to tractor through whatever you could wish on the trails without having to feather the clutch in my experience, I had a 13 on the front, and I took it off because it was too grunty for me. But it's very possible I'm not riding in as gnarly stuff as you guys... it would be nice if 5th was taller or it had a 6th gear but I don't like to ride at 5th gear speeds too much anyways. The taller top gear is definitely where the wr shines though.

Also I have a 2000, so my transmission ratios are all probably completely different :lol:

Anyways, If it was me, I would just find a way to rebuild it with the original wr parts...

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WR power delivery is much smoother and less abrupt than the YZ is.  You don't have the whiplash jerkiness that you get with a YZF geared too low.

I see, is that due to the timing being different? So when people do the free mods does it make it more equivalent to the yz in terms of power delivery? As far as abruptness goes?

The snappy behavior exhibited by the YZ is mostly a function of the cam profile and timing, along with the weight of the WR flywheel. 

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