seized swing arm and linkage pivots

Hey All,


The pivot shafts are seized on my 03 WR. I've tried larger hammers to no avail. what's the strategy here? heat it up with a torch? any other options? pullers? The bike is pretty torn down so when I hit the punch with a hammer the skidplate just slides on the stand.


they are, um, apparently in need of some service.

First, you need a good driver.  Make one easily by buying a 5-6" long common 3/8" coarse thread bolt and a basic grade 5 nut.  Screw the nut all the way down the thread and insert the threaded end into the hole in the swing arm pivot bolt.


Lay the bike on its side with a block under the frame at the pivot point and give it a sound bashing to get it freed.


Soak at each visible joint with PB Blaster, or another really good penetrating oil overnight before you start.



I used this to remove some stubborn bearings on my swing arm and it worked great.  So much easier than trying to beat the bearing out with a hammer.


Beating on it with mini sledge, heat, soaking bearings etc- didnt work. 


Parts just a few bucks.  My reccomendation is to purchase a few feet of the All Thread.  If the bearings are really stuck you may end up ruining parts of the threads as the nuts will have so much tension on them they will start to strip.  When this happens cut off that section and move to clean threads. 

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