Winter tires.

Well it is that time of year again. I am on the quest for a good trail tire for the snow and frozen ground tire. I will be using the Kold Kutter screws in what ever i get for a tire. I've used the Maxxis Dessert it and found it loads up in the snow and the Kenda k335 is just like a racing slick. The kenda was great on clear ice and the maxxis was ok in light snow. what has anyone had good luck with out there. I use screws because just a little frozen ground(dirt) and the screws are very dull and are easily replaced even on the trail if need be.

I rode in the snow the other day and found my Michelin Enduro comp worked really well with no studs installed.

I payed the big $ to get a pre-studded set from Kevin's Racing.  I haven't used them yet because I'm still waiting on a wheel-set to mount them.


But the tires they use are - Bridgestone Gritty ED11 (front) and Maxxis IT Desert (rear).

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