IMS tank colors. Black?

I have been looking for a plastic tank for my 650L. I have been doing a lot of research on the tanks, and I have always seen the tanks in either white, natural, or red. I was just on the IMS site and they have a listing for a bunch of colors, including blue and even black. This got me thinking how cool a totally black L would look. Has anyone seen a black tank on a 650L? does it look good?

A guy over at XRLUG (the Yahoo group dedicated to the xr650L) has a picture of his bike in the photo section with a black IMS tank and black side panels. Looks pretty good to me. I've painted my side panels black with Krylon fusion paint, and I have the red IMS tank. (I hated the white side panels).

I'm in process of doing a motard conversion on my L, and changing it to black at the same time. I have a UFO "Ray" headlight that was originally black. I painted it and the side panels black with Krylon Fusion, and have ordered a black 4 gallon Clarke tank, black Maier front supermoto fender, black Maier MX rear fender, and black Maier handguards. I'll post pics when it's done. Should be within the next couple weeks.

I decided to go with silver Excel 17" rims instead of black though. I think the black rims would have been just too much.

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