07 WR450 Oil Line Came Loose. Anyone else have this issue?

Last week I was riding my brand new 07 WR450. Only 1 scratch on it!!!! I was pushing it fairly hard going down a wide open trail. The bike then stalled and kinda boged down. So I took a look at the bike and it seemed fine. I also noticed it seemed a little hot but I just thought that was from running it hard. Then I hit the button to start it. It wouldn't start. So I kicked it over. There wasn't as much compression in the motor. So I bent down and saw the oil line had disconnected and the oil had dumped out. So basically to some it up Yamaha had a stupid design to put he oil line where they did. Because of that the motor is wasted. Come on Yamaha are you guys really that cross eyed to put an oil line on the side of the bike!!!!! Has anyone else has this issue?

On my 07 yz450 one of my clamps came loose causing an oil leak I caught it before it got bad. I just swapped out the hose and the clamps problem solved. Now I torque check the clamps when I wash my bike they haven't been backing off but it's something I'm going to keep a eye on. That really sucks your engine is trashed now, atleast it's winter now so it's probably not prime riding season where you live.

That's the thing I live in SoCal and it's raining a ton. It's prime riding!!!

Wow bad timing. I live in SoCal too the desert is nice and damp right now no dust, quite a bit more traction it's awesome.

 Gotta check every fastener at least every other ride....

I did. It was its first ride out. I checked everything.

The only external oil line on the '07 WR is the pressure balance line that runs from the oil reservoir in front of the engine to the right side crankcase cover.  It normally carries no oil at all, but some would leak if the hose were to become disengaged at the crankcase cover.  Even so, you'd have to ride it quite a ways without that hose connected before you lost all your oil.  Seems like you would have seen smoke, or smelled something before it was a problem. 


Since '06, I've had 3 YZ450's that I owned with this same set up, not one of which ever came loose in all that time.  There were two oil lines on the earlier models which were an active part of the lube system.  They never gave me any trouble either.  External oil plumbing has been a part of motorcycling for most of 120 years without it being "cross-eyed" or a bad design.


On what basis have you decided that the "engine is wasted"?  How much oil was left in the bike at the end of this adventure?

There is a oil line a close to being under the motor on the right side by the brake. Didn't smell anything. I felt it get a little hot. The motor is wasted because it is rattling like crazy now. Most likely there is metal throughout the whole motor. I reattached the clamp and put more oil in it. It's burning oil like crazy and rattling. It's low on power and there is much less compression when kicking it over. Trust me I know when a motor is wasted I'm not a dumb a** like you think.

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Now you think you know what I think.


That's exactly the line I was talking about.  Have a leak down test done for informational purposes and open it up. 

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