Any diffrence between 01 YZF426 Sub-frame & 02 Sub-frameb

I just picked up a brand new 2001 YZF426 subframe, Is there any diffrence from an 2002. I plan on using it on a 02 WR426.



Hey socal --howz it goin? You should't have any probs with the new subframe. Did you see the DSP carbon air box from ebay? I tried bidding on it but they wont tell me the reserve and I'm not paying more than $200 for it. Would be a nice weight savings. Are you already running the YZ seat and tank on your WR. If not the Ty Davis tank has as much cap. as you WR and it fits the YZ seat.---Joe

Hey Joe,

The Clark/SDG seat combo are on the way...Thanks for the ebay pointer. I was trying to get all kinds of goodies for extra parts, but I was a loser :) I got the sub-frame by $0.55 I went $25.00 more than planned, but thought since it was brand new what the heck. was also trying for rads & shrouds stuff like that.


i just put a 2000 subframe on my 2002. The only diff was that the 2000 was painted...

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