50cc 2-stroke question

I know this is a four-stroke forum but I'm hoping you can all be tolerant of a 2-stroke carb. issue.

I recently purchased a Malaguti scooter (50cc 2-stroke) for my wife. There was a slow fuel leak (drip) coming from one of the carb hoses. (I believe it was the float overflow... I didn't check closely because it's under warranty.) Anyhow, the dealer has had it for over a week now. I spoke to them yesterday and they told me they had the leak fixed but it wasn't running properly. I asked them what was causing the leak. He told me they removed the hose (the fuel was leaking from) and sealed the hole off with a screw. Seems to me if the carb. was engineered with that hole and tube, it was for a reason.

Anyhow, I'm interested in any comments on what the bowl overflow actually does; whether closing it off would affect the way the motor runs, etc.

Picture & specs (air-cooled model) ---> http://www.malagutiusa.com/models/phantom/index.asp

Neat looking scooter. :)

I don't think your dealer knows what he's doing. If there was a hole there with a tube attached then it should not be plugged with a screw. I'm sure the engineers put it there for a reason! If I were you I would pick up the scooter and take it to a different dealer.

If it is the overflow or vent for the float bowl that was dripping then something simple like a float out of adjustment, or a bad seal around the float valve could cause the bowl to overflow and drip from the overflow/vent tube. In this case plugging the vent would almost surely negatively affect the way that it runs.

I'm with Sir Thump. Plugging a carb vent is no way to cure that drip/leak. If the float is too high, excess fuel is vented through one of the hoses.

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