full face helmet

greetings, bit of of a silly question

do any of you guys ride with a full face helmet (road type)

i have been riding my xr650 for about 4 months now,

and really think a full face helmet is better, especially with the speed and acceleration of these bikes.

i know they look a bit goofy , but for fast open tracks

and fire roads i think they better than mx helmets

i'm sure you've all felt rain drops hit your face at 90 mph

not the most pleasant feeling,

when its time to get serious i drop the visor like a knight going into battle and blitzkrieg everything in my way. :)



It's funny that you mention that. I was in the bike shop looking at off road helmets today due to something that happened to me last week.

I was off-roading in my street gear last week (being more of a street rider than dirt.) When i get caught in a rut and dumped my bike. The park I was in had very strict helmet rules. After about 5 minutes of wrestling with the front forks(helmet lid up) to get some traction i said screw my full face helmet and put it on the ground. After i get my bike up i look back at my helmet to see a "rainforest" inside of my helmet. There was 0% visibility from all the residual sweat that was still steaming in the helmet. Needless to say my helmet isn't smelling the same :D even after many attempts of purification. :)

Long story short. If you're on the street, full face helmets are cool, if you're on the dirt get an mx helmet. Those things have vents/visors for a reason.

There is a new helmet by Arai that is a hybrid-its got an enclosed face, with a visor. I suppose its targeted at the dual sport market.

For sure its gonna be hotter in there-but if you are an ice racer, or allergic to bee stings (me!)- or prone to riding when the sun is in your eyes--then maybe its the way to go.

I've been riding with one of the new Arai XD's for about a month now and really like it. It can be used with or without the faceshield or visor and has plenty of ventilation. If anything, I think it lets too much air in for my pleasure when riding on the pavement with all of the vents closed. I'm sure I'll have a different opinion when the weather warms up though.

I use the new Arai TourX helmet; I love it! I had it shipped in from the UK, however after-the-fact, I heard that it is now being sold in the US.



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