WR450 SDG TAll Seat 2003-2004

Can anyone tell me if this is a Tall Seat. Some guy has one for sale but he does not know. It looks like the tall version to me. 



That looks like an SDG tall, which is about .75" taller than stock, and very, very, firm.

The Guts racing is 1.5" taller than stock and the firm foam is not as firm as stock or sdg (which is like KTM foam)


If you contact Guts racing and talk to them on the phone, and verify on the bottom of the foam the designation, they will usually let you exchange it.

Funny guts acted like the firm was super firm. That's why I went with the soft. I will call them and see what my options are.

I've got an SDG tall in a box (where it belongs! it too f-ing hard) and that doesn't look like it is the tall. Mine is almost 100% flat all the way across, this one has a slope.


There should be some sort of marking on the bottom of the seat to tell you which type it is. 

It might be something cryptic that requires SDG's input....

The guys from sdg said it looks like the tall. I need a 03-04 pan for my safari 6.8 gal tank since it was made to fit that seat so I bought it used for 50 bucks. You can use a 05-06 seat but it fits like shit. I'm going to have guts throw med foam on on top of the rock hard sdg foam until it's flat and recover it. That will be my long day seat.

Thanks for all the help guys.

Seat came in. Its a tall for sure. Its maybe 1/4 of an inch shorter than the Guts however since its so firm I sit higher on the bike. Guts said they would have to take it apart and maybe they could exchange the foam. Since I put at least 600 miles of it already its not a for sure thing. I will prob sell the guts and and then send the SDG out to have more foam put on top of it. I asked Guts if they would add an inch of med foam to the SDG and they said no. They are not interested in doing stuff like that any more. I think I want to go almost Krany tall. I'm just under 6,3. 


The SDG is for 03-04 bikes but works with any 03-06 wr so long as you have an aftermarket tank. They all have two holes in front for the mounts. 


BTW, the SDG weighs maybe half as much at the guts. 


Pics on the bike. 




6.8 gal safari, SDG



6.8 safari stock/ guts




4.1 Safari/ SDG



4.1 Safari/ Stock/ guts


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