Pics of my Black XR650L

Round 1 of modding my xr650l. I know i'll get hell for this but i can't stand the way the xr looked stock. So i changed the front 10" tv headlight with an

*Acerbis ciclop headlight (easy install).

*Replaced the tail light with a lighter Acerbis light.

*Changed the stock tank to a high cap tank

*Changed the front Gonzo fender to a black Acerbis Universal Supermotard fender (direct drill in fit)

*Tore out the rear fender and put in a black universal Acerbis MX fender (took alot of bending and dremel work)

*Went to town with some polyurethane bumper paint. I went mudding last week and the paint didn't hold up to the ground well :) I'm going to bring in the new season with the Krylon paint.

All in all if you're sick of the way your xr looks and are trying to get a more aggressive look you can do it really cheaply. All this costed me under $200. I was torn between putting on the Ciclop headlight or riding without the white plastic headlight cover-looks really aggressive like this and it would have saved me $100 bucks.

I've also got the smog block off, FMF exhaust, UNI intake but i guess all thats below.

I'm planning on sticking on my JcWhitney tank on and thinking of putting on a thumper carb next.


Your getting there with the new look, but that big square seat still makes the XR look like a plush road bike. I know it's a trade off between looks and ride, but those square edges just don't look aggressive.

I think you should have kept that 4th picture hidden. Your backyard looks pretty bad. I recently had a big dumpster dropped off at my home. My yard (4 acres of desert) was acquiring some Alabama lawn furniture (old washer, broken down construction grade outside stairs, tires, etc). Tried to keep it out of sight between the sheds and the dog pen, but after 5 years it's hard to miss the amount of junk that had been accumulated.

All is good now. :)

Looks good Doc. :)

Where's the Black frame and Black rims ? Come on , dont do it halfway ! :)

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