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New Trackmaster 125 chassis

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Here is more photo's of the first new trackmaster 4-stroke frame. Not copy of old frame but new design for vintage. Notice top is narrow and made so all NOS or re-pop CR125 parts fit. If tall rider you can put 76-7 seat with 1.5" more seat foam.


Fixed CR front end problems by relocating steering head and changing rake. Rear end is altered to keep it quick and stable but handles so much better.


Motor is as low as possible and as close to swingarm pivot as will fit. XR200 motor will slip in this easy!!!!


Will change rear and swingarm and have dual mounts so it can be set for vintage (7-4) Marty tripes or historic (7+-7+) or use real forks and forward latdown and make it 9-10" front and rear.


Did satin nickel plate and probably could set-up when building frame to handle any 125 size motor.


Pic with Gray tank is "mud" setup and white is his pretty show/dry day tank.


Approx 180 lbs and rigid strong.


What are your thoughts?????

125 trackmaster 001.JPG

125 trackmaster 002.JPG

125 trackmaster 004.JPG

125 trackmaster 003.JPG

125 trackmaster 005.JPG

125 trackmaster 006.JPG

redding trip 001.JPG

redding trip 002.JPG

redding trip 005.JPG

redding trip 006.JPG

redding trip 003.JPG

redding trip 004.JPG


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Some thoughts..  Not to be critical but to get some specifics.  First I would like to know the actual weight w/oil-no gas.  180lbs..  Bathroom scales front and rear would work.  What is the frame weight?  Swingarm weight?  Bike looks good but built just like the old Trackmaster with extra frame space for bigger engines, not specific for the 100-200 engine.  Old SL/XL/TL brakes aren't very effective, I know I rode with them in the day and did all of the recommended mods to try making them better.  YZ wheels/brakes are much better parts to use. 


On the engine/exhaust, the headpipe is awful long for a race engine.  Should tune for mid-range rpms with the headpipe and then down to idle with the nice meg...  Great for riding Trials but most small bore MX riders like running their engines in the upper rpm ranges which means a short headpipe and then the meg.


Back to the frame, I HATE bolt on footpegs.  It speaks one of two things.  Either the right peg location hasn't been worked out and you need to adjust location or adjustability for different sized riders.  Lower for taller riders etc..   But with this frame you can't go any lower, they are at the bottom of the cradle tubes already. 


After all of that, bike looks nice and period/vintage.



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I love to see stuff like this. You might introduce it to the CRF230 forum too. It would be a cool way to use their wheels and parts to make a lighter trail bike with a cool vintage vibe.


Would this be legal in any of the AHRMA classes?  I'm also interested in frame and swingarm weights and estimated pricing?

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My thoughts are..... freakin awesome!  That nickel coating reminds me of my Rickman Hodaka (shouda kept that one) The Fab work/welding looks first rate, nice job! 

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Thanks, it is the geometry and handling we emphasized. Found all bad traits of CR and got rid of them. The nickel is satin which looked cool. I had footpeg brackets in Cadmium and the gold with red and blur irridescience(?) was really cool. I will do my vintage frame in the gold and all plastic /tank will be in Carbon fiber look. The company that makes the "wrap" for Ducks helmet and others is 60 miles from here. My friend has a $30,000 raptor he had done and it is very very nice.

    Just figured a black and gold bike done right really stands out from crowd.

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