Fuel Tank Repair

I'm looking for recommendations for repairing a cracked fuel tank on my '02 wr426. It's not a large crack. At first I didn't even think the inner wall (if there is one) was cracked but after a day's ride there was a little bit of leakage. Can it be repaired or do I just need another one? Thanks for your suggestions.


Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

You can pick up a plastic weld kit for cheap from harbor freight. Works good

I have yet to see a plastic weld, any glue, any epoxy, or sealer work fixing a plastic fuel tank. All are unfortunately only temporary

JB weld would work make sure your tank is bone dry before you put it on and clean the crack out. Or use some silicon.

3m DP8005 however it is more of a structural adhesive for low surface energy plastics not really a sealant, but it will bond to the plastic.

Plastic weld works but is tricky to do.

Nothing works! I had a Yamaha tank which I tried everything on. Welding, to JBweld. The only thing that worked a little was SealAll. It would last a couple weeks, before having to peel it off, and re-do it. Gasoline, and especially alcohol eats through anything you can stick on,and in the area. Welding just re-cracks, because the fuel tank flexes as you ride.

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