Ride time at christmas?

Yo I haven't riden in two weeks. Christmas and shopping really has hampered things. Going stir crazy!! I get home its dark, and weekends wife wants to shop. My christmas was good but Im glad its over. It's time to ride. :)

2 weeks? try 1 month. I sprained both knees last time out and now it's snowing and 20 degrees1 Ride time in northern Illinois is short with the 2 seasons we get. Winter and summer.Cant wait til the river freezes so I can take the wife's XR200 out and race (lose) the snowmobilers

Well Joe,

At least we have plenty of time for a nice greese bath, tires, chain and sprockets, ect,ect. First Byron race is March 15. Hope to see u there..

Seems like winter is just getting here. Hope it leaves soon. :)

I have my new knee braces on order. This year I am gonna' race for the first time. I may do Byron and maybe a Hare Scrables race.But I'm not good enough for LK Geneva yet.All i am planning to do is ride the track at first, just to get the feel for it. My last bike B4 this was an XT 350. I love the woods riding stuff so this MX riding is new to me. Any advice? I would appreciate it. At least now the bike is able to handle what I want to do.--Joe

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