IS this WR400 worth $$

I found a '98 WR400F that I can get for $600 or less.


Prob.... it doesn't run now.  Guy says he's had it for 1.5 yr. and has only riden it a few times (harley riding was taking up his time).


Negs.  No lights, forks leak and need rebuilt, c&s set worn, so are tires.


Plus  All plastics there bearing are good on frame and wheels, kicks over w/o excessive noise and has compression. 

I can hold weight on kick starter for 15-20 seconds before she will finally slip over tdc. Seat is good.  couldn't tell about the tank, it was off to the side. 

Had an accessory pipe on it.

Said he'd "cleaned carb out 5-6 times and it still won't start" so something's outta wack.


I forgot to pull the spark cap and check for spark, it had a compression release and it worked.  (I'm old and old school so I know how it operates and work it.... )


I've got 250s and ridden a wr400 so I know what it'll do.

Already passed on it once cause he wouldn't accept my offer, but now he's advertised it again.........


What da ya think?????

If your time is free, and you have lots of it, and you like to learn as you go, and would rather do all this than just go riding, then yeah, buy it and have fun.


Otherwise, it sounds like another typical neglected POS that can be found for $500 in dozens of cities around the country.


None of what you said you observed tells you anything ,meaningful about the condition of the bike.....


Unless it's running and you can ride it, or if you are an expert on the bike and can tell from experience, it's just plain a roll of the dice.


Don't be tempted by price.  Be tempted by VALUE.

Thanks Krannie.

"Don't be tempted by price.  Be tempted by VALUE."

Best advice I've ever gotten, can be applied to everything.

For me, the value is not there......


Thanks Krannie.

"Don't be tempted by price.  Be tempted by VALUE."

Best advice I've ever gotten, can be applied to everything.

For me, the value is not there......


I would say there was some value in the right non running bike,


The part out value of that bike is more than the above price, so your safe there if you need get rid of it. Personally for a bike that does not run it’s hard to tell there are a bunch of factors including your time. You say it’s got compression but I’m assuming that’s just kicking it over and feeling it with your foot? On a non running bike your need to do a proper compression test and check the numbers aganist the factory specs. If it has good compression and has spark it’s most likely going to be 1000 by the time its ready to ride.


Here are some things you need to check

  • Tyers, one of the most expensive wear items
  • Chain slider/ protector, you need to check this and see if the chain has cut into the swing arm
  • Chain, sprockets and rollers
  • Handle bars not bent
  • leavers not bent
  • look inside the tank with a torch and see if it looks brown and sticky
  • old mate has most likely done some damage to the carby seals and jets when he was in there
  • check the kick start leaver shaft seal and shaft to see if it’s still round and not bent
  • These sorts of bikes have never hand a Lube service in there life, you need to factor in a swingarm rebuild and wheel rebuild kit or at lease the time to service this and replace what is stuffed in there.
  • Check to see that it's not stolen, written off or under finance

If you have to replace these items it’s going to start to get pricy

These bikes have a habit of blowing up the rod and ramming it through the case so be prepared to change this when you do the top end.


If it’s got good compression and most of these things check out then make him an offer, I have no idea what these are worth in your area/ town but for a bike that isn’t running I would make sure I was under 1/3 of the value of the bike ¼ would be better. For that bike in Australia i would be looking at walk away price of $500 as buying a good running one is 1800 to 2000. 


good luck with it :)     

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Well said, and I'd taken some of those things into account.  The value is not there for me at this time.  Only reason I'd considered that bike is i have not owned a WR400F, but rode a buddies once.  I've got 4 other 250F Yamahas and a couple of them I'm rebuilding over Christmas break.  I've got the tools and test equipment to check compression and clearances, but not the time at the moment once I'd seen the bike and judged condition.  The killer was the forks; I'd have to farm out the rebuild on those, about $150 or so, more if the fork tubes are bent.

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