Oil not showing up? 2008 yz450f

Hey I have a new bike it's a 08 yz450f I came from a Honda so I'm un aware I changed the oil and the filter drained everything the owners manual said to put in 1146 ml of oil or (1 quart and 200ml) I have yet to run the bike because I want the oil to settle to check the dip stick but I waited and the dip stick is dry I waited until the next day checked again and it's still bone dry on the dip stick? Any ideas on if I should run the bike to circulate oil or add oil is there any other way to check it like if there's a check screw. It's not leaking either I have card board under it and it's dry?

Run the engine for 3 minutes (but only if you're sure it has the correct amount of oil) and then check the dipstick without threading it all the way in. Should read just fine.

Ok thank you very much and yeah I do know I have the correct amount

Thanks gray that was really helpful it explained what I was wondering, and how it worked

I have that bike and you actually put to much oil in i believe. I think it only takes 1 liter with an oil and filter change. The manual states that 1.2 liters is the total amount which is different because their is about 200 ml that wont come out during a normal oil change. I dont think it will harm anything but definitely just warm the bike up first then wait a min then check the oil. I bet you oil will pour out the dip stick hole.

Thanks guys I ran it for about 1:30 and let it cool down then checked the oil it was perfect

Don't let it "cool down". It will give you a false reading because oil will migrate back to the sump through the return oil passage, which is lower than the full mark on the stick.

Check it between 15 seconds to a minute after shut down.

Vic is right about the oil amount. 1.2L is only correct after a rebuild. It takes exactly a quart for an oil change without a filter, and exactly one liter if the filter is serviced. What most people don't realize is that there is simply no extra room in the oil reservoir for even 100cc of overfill. Any significant excess being returned from the sump is forced out of the "tank" through the pressure balance hose on the right side of the engine and just goes.right back to the sump. You could still be overfilled without it showing on the stick, and at 1.2L, you probably are.

So what will that do to the bike and what should I do

What will happen if there is to much oil?

Depends on how much too much there is.  The first thing would be that the crank would start flinging it up on the cylinder walls where the extra may overwhelm the rings and you end up with a lot of carbon you didn't want.  Can also lead to an excess of drooling from the breather.  Nothing catastrophic, really.


There's a way to bring it back to the right level, though.  Run the engine for a minute, shut it off and stand it upright, then verify that the oil is up at the top of the hash marked area on the stick.  Then remove the 8mm bolt shown as "1" in the attached picture (it has a copper washer under it) and let whatever oil will run out of it drain.  It's a small hole, so it may take a while.  Don't let it drain for more than about five minutes without replacing the bolt and restarting the engine, just to make sure oil from the tank isn't moving back down to the sump and raising the level.





Ok thanks it shows that it's not even above the marks though so I think I'm all set

It will never show much over the marks, if at all.  There isn't room for it.  If you did a normal oil change with a filter service and added 1.2L, it's 200cc over full.  Run the engine, shut it down, and pull the overfill plug.

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