2000 YAMAHA WR 400, Four stroke, Street Legal, Hand Guards, Aftermarket Speedo  


I am looking at getting this wr400 and is there anything I should be aware of or look for before buying it.


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The basics:


Condition is everything, no matter what the owner says

Service records


A motor this old should have a least had a complete top end done to it a least once, including the timing chain.

Posted at 1500 is that resonable if it wasn't had a top end done yet.

Reasonable, if it has low hrs.

Thats all up to the visual assesment.



original stickers on the swingarm and shrouds


not so goods

different seatcover

tank decals non existent

forkguard stickers

generous skid plate


its a story of practical and visual enhancement of a well used bike.


It's not a barn bike in its native shape

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