New yzf fender on a 2003 wr450?

Is it possible to put a new yzf fender on a 03 wr450 ?? Or newer wr fender as well. I'm looking at getting the look of my bike refreshed and just wondering if it's possible.



Front yes (polisport)

Rear, not sure.

Front yes (polisport)

Rear, not sure.

So I ordered an Acerbis 2012 WR450 front fender for my 2011.  The bolt holes do not line up at all - front/back/side spacing is all different.  I could creatively wallow it out with a drill bit and make it work, but I ended up re-ordering it in a 2011 (going white).  Krannie, did the Polisport 2012 WR450 bolt right up?  If so, I wonder why the Acerbis bolt pattern is different.

Cycra makes a 2012 fender with the old style bolt pattern.

Cycra makes a 2012 fender with the old style bolt pattern.

Good to know! I ended up relocating the holes and got it nice and straight (and returned the 2011 to RMATV). But if I ever crack this one up, I will definitely go Cycra. Thanks a lot.

It's possible if you are willing to cut the new fender to make it fit. You will also need to drill/ make new mounting braquets to secure the fender to the bike, as it will not bolt right on to the existing mount locations. I did the same thing with my 01 wr426...

Thanks guys, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I ended up just purchessing a 2010 yzf450 fender and drilling out the holes, no cutting was needed. All in all I am happy!!!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1389651920.489649.jpg

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