Californians - HELP!

I'm really new to dirtbikes, so bear with me. I purchased a DRZ400E in October (my first dirtbike ever) and have had a blast riding it for the past two months. When I bought the bike, I thought (and the dealer told me) that it was a green sticker bike. Guess what I got in the mail from DMV! :)

So now I'm trying to deal with the realization that I won't be allowed to ride my great bike in the summer. My questions are; What do the rest of you red sticker bike owners do during the forbidden season? Are there any off-road riding areas that are open year-round to all bikes? What will happen to me if I'm caught riding off-season? Finally, has anyone ever been cited for a red sticker violation?

I appreciate all the help and insight afforded to me by this forum. Thanks everyone.

No stickers required at the tracks!!! You can put a spark arrester on the muffler (or many times just a screen) and get that red sticker changed to green.

Cal DMV is a mess. They have made it so complicated, there employees don't even know for sure what sticker is for what and when. Although I will probably never use it, I got lucky on my 01 426 and they sent me a green sticker. Most of my buddies weren't as lucky.

Here's what I know to the best of my knowledge.

CARB set a standard for OHV vehicles to meet that were manufactured after Jan 1, 1999. The standard was put in place to help drive down pollutant particles in areas known to have poor air quality during the summer months.

Somehow, this standard became a law as the DMW and Department of Forestry stepped in with enforcement factors. However, to the best of my knowledge, there is actually no law in the Vehicle or Health and Safety Code that mandates this, as there is for automotive applications.

Which to me means that no ranger or sherrif actually has the right to take your bike or keep you from riding on government land. But, I'd save that for the judge if I were you.

It's been known that in this mix mass, that since no law was passed, that the DMV would only enforce the issue if you came across someone who thought it was law. For all others, a green sticker was provided. Politics.

I received a red sticker for my bike from the Sac office, and then went into the local DMV and told them I lost it. They then gave me a green sticker even after noting my VIN. The Sac office then sent me a letter indicating that I needed to send back the green sticker, but never claimed enforcements rights.

In addition to this, some of the government riding areas are not happy about the revenue lose this represents to their parks. Last year, with additional consideration to the lower than expected polluntants, some of the parks waived the issue of the red sticker.

It also appears that this year that many of the save-the-lands guys are getting pushed out along with the Clinton-Gore beliefs.

If I were you, I would stick with the red sticker until you're actually told that you can't ride any more. If things get bad again in the summer, attempt to re-register the bike at a local DMV. If it comes up red again, stick with the tracks until the government gets things taken care of.

There are also some more creative ways around this, but I'll leave that up to your imagaination.

One of these days we need to have a chat with a legal representative on this matter to find out what right the rangers have in a matter without a law.


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