Swingarm, lube it or lose it.

Spent miserable hours getting swingarm pivot bolt out.

The guy I bought the bike from musta never had it out.

I used the wife's hair dryer about 20 min. on each area and kept rapping on the end and air-impact wrenching the bolt side both cw and ccw (a 3/4" socket seemed to fit tighter than the 19mm).

In the white area there's steel missing.


Lot's o' swear words but it's out.

Lube it or loose it, right ?

Now to see what the bearings look like...

I guess I need a new bolt ? I don't know how to tell what else to replace. Lube it and go ? The bike's a 2000 with only @ 1000mi.


I hear ya!

The factory didnt put much grease on those things. Its the same for all the linkage. Emory cloth or an abrasive wheel will clean it up. Lube it with waterproof grease, and cake it on the bearings as well. You will have to make the call on the bearings-if they are locked up, yeah its time!

Just FYI- its a similar drama with the chain adjuster bolts inside the swingarm, the lower front engine mounting bolts, and possibly the front and rear axles....

I got to the adjuster bolts in June when I bought it. I haven't got the swingarm off yet but it "swung" freely so I think the bearings may be ok. I'll pull the other bolts you mentioned, thanks.

You think my pivot bolt's salvagable ? I haven't priced a new one yet.


I think your pivot bolt has dried grease/aluminum powder on it that is hard as dried snot. BUT, it should clean up just fine. :)


You think my pivot bolt's salvagable ?

Probably yes. If you've got a drill with a big enough chuck, then put the bolt into the chuck and let it spin inside some emery cloth to clean it up (poor mans lathe :)). The shaft should be ~25mm.

Make note that the inside bearings have dust seals on the inside of the pivot collars and on the outsides they just have dust caps and no seals. Buy an extra pair of dust seals and use them on the outides in addition to the existing dust seals on the inside for improved water resistance.

Also, don't use a lithium based grease on these bearings and don't trust the stuff at your autoparts store even if it says it's waterproof because it might not be. Water will break down a lithium based and if you doubt this, just take your favorite lithium based grease and put some in the palm of your hand and use a finger from your other hand to mix in some water. If the grease starts to milk up, then it's breaking down and the oil will be washed out. Make sure to use something like an aluminum complex grease that's truly waterproof. You can usally find an aluminum complex grease at a boat supply store and sometimes at off road stores as well.

I believe the stock swing arm bearing is an IKO bearing and the IKO part number is TLA2520OZ. You can also buy a bearing from another manufacturer with the same specs such as made by Torrington who has been purchsed by Timken. The Torrington part number is HK2520 and the specs for this needle roller bearing are 25 mm ID, 32 mm OD, & 20 mm thickness. You can buy them online or find a bearing supply house if you can't or don't want to buy them from your Honda dealer. Here's some links to bearing places for your reference.






Thanks for the tips. I especially like the dust seal idea.



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