Ice riding / racing questions

Hi all,

The cold weather is finally here for awhile in Michigan and the lakes are starting to freeze over....but there is not enough snow to get out the snowmobile. So, I'm thinking of studding the tires on my 426.

Years ago, I studded the tires on a Honda XR600 and had a blast out on the lake, but I don't remember how to do it. Can anyone tell me the best stud length and stud pattern for this bike? I'm going to use the stock Dunlops just because I need new tires anyway and I'm not going to race (at least not seriously). A posted picture of a studded tire would be great!



Good question, I'm in the same boat although I've never tried ice riding before. I'm having major moto withdrawls though :) so I can't wait to get back out.

I always used to use Kold Kutter studs, but I forget the size. Anyways, I'd charge up the cordless drill and stud up a set of Dunlop 490/695s which worked good for my then CR125...

I just looked in Cycle News and Kold Kutter's number is 800/369-0001 and they have stud lengths in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", and 1 1/2". More than likely they should be able to help you with a good set up for your bike, or at least point you in a good general direction.

I miss ice racing. The traction is freaking incredible and consistent every lap.


go and get your stud tires from your local dealer.fixing you own tires wont work that well.

i use trelleborg tires here in sweden but i have tested michelin and dunlop tires too,they work (28/12-01) we have about 40cm of snow and -10 degrees celsius.

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