Normal or Nuts? Ice racing on R1 and WR450F....

Don't know if this has been posted before so sorry in advance if redundant.




Are these guys crazy? I don't speak I-talian so don't know what they are saying. Make sure you watch the very end of the video before you decide if they are nuts. Hint: mouse racing...

No wonder you cannot understand them.....they're speaking French. :rolleyes:

French. I-talian. It's all the same language when it comes to going full throttle on the ice: crazy!

I might get banned for saying this but.... I'd take a ride in that Porche with those heated seats over either bike. BRRRRR ! ! ! ! Ice racing is NUTS!  Single bike with the car is scary to me, enough. The dudes riding on a track with a dozen other chain saws ( I mean bikes with studded snow tires ) takes way bigger balls than I can claim to have.

Looks pretty safe to me. My last ice racer was a CR500……………..with a sidecar!!!!

Ice wheelies onna R1 ?? 160 mph ?! Ya.....he's nutzzzz LOL !

Looks like a blast! But at 52 I think I better pass  :cry: 

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