Hot Start with Hot Choke in !!!

I'm just starting my bike when warm with the Hot Choke in, not out, does it will hurt my engine...?

Or I really need to get the hot choke out always when the bike is warm......? :)

No problem, your a better man than me if you can start your bike hot without using the "Hot Start Button" The hot start button is for us lesser mortals who require alittle extra help to start the 426ers.

It won't hurt it at all, its only a circuit that lets clean, cool air into the cylinder. I don't use mine much either, unless I kill it when its really hot. Then, its just at most a two kick deal.

At first reading, you're description confused me. It's a misnomer to call the hot start button a "hot choke" button. The hot start button allows air directly into the intake downstream of the carb venturi thereby leaning out the mixture as described above. The choke button is used to choke off the air supply, or in some designs adding extra fuel, thereby allowing a rich mixture for cold starting.

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