yz450f replace broken piston oil squirter



Had a piston fail on me and the carnage broke the oil squirter/nozzle that oils the underside of the piston. Luckily Yamaha sells them separately but how do I install it properly? It is not mentioned in the workshop manual. I am thinking of how to get it aligned right and install it so it does not come loose.


Do I just press it in with Loctite and eyeball it 90 degrees straight up?


Bike yz450f -09


How it looked (broke halfway thru). Have removed it completely.



How it should look



Fische #2



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Some Loc Tite is probably a good idea, and yes, you have the installation pretty well figured out.  Dig the old one out without damaging the bore and drive/press the new one in pointing up. 


The point of the squirter is to cool the piston crown, not to lube the small end, BTW, although it ends up serving both functions.

Great. Thanks!

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