WR450 Lowering Kit?

Anyone know of a good lowering kit out there yet? After getting my non-monkeybut Guts seat, the bike is too tall for some technical stuff. Really notice it with new tires. I have softened the sag some and lower the fork tubes.. How about lower profile rear tires? Might save some there.......

I had both my wife and daughter's YZ125's lowered 2" by Precision Concepts here in the SD area. Any good suspension shop should be able to do it. Basically they replaced the front springs with cut down heavier springs and I think there's a spacer in there as well. In the rear they added a spacer to the shock internally to shorten the stroke. They recommend 2" as the maximum but can lower any amount in between. More than 2" and it starts messing with the handling of the bike. We've had two seasons of riding with the mods and they are very happy with them. The good news is that it's reversable. You can reinstall the stock springs, have a shop remove the shock spacer and you're back to stock. In fact I'm thinking of having my dual sport done as well so I can put taller foam on it too.

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