2013 wr450f break in questions

Hows it going all? I just recently picked up a brand new wr :D ive been doing all kinds of research on it and I cant stop lol. Anyway ive been doing quite a bit of reading on breaking it in. Ive seen multiple different posts saying all kinds of things, take it easy, gun it and run it, and everything in between. My question is which one do you guys recomend, any input from anyone who has this specific model would be much appriciated as well. Also I might add that though I havent taken it out I have ridden it a few times up and down my street. I pulled the throttle screw already too and did a 1-3 gear pull(almost full throttle, but didnt hit rev limiter). Other than that though it hasnt seen any other abuse yet. From what ive read it doesnt sound like I hurt anything but some input would defintely help me out. Thanks for any help in adavnce!

Warm it up with no throttle for a couple of minutes.

Ride it with no constant rpms, with occasional really hard throttle, especially down hill decompression.

I do this three times for 20 min, letting it come to stone cold in between.

Then change the oil and filter, and ride as normal.

There is a section in the front part of your shop manual that gives the procedure.  Basically it is a 3 part process.   Warm it up  and ride easy for a few minutes. let it cool.  Repeat the process 2 more times using more throttle each time.  Engine is broken in after 30 minutes according to the manual.  I went 1.2 hours for break-in,  then changed the oil (last night actually).  Leaving in a few minutes to ride.  Put the FMF on yesterday and changed the mapping. BIG difference!!

Just ride the thing.  Fast break in, fast bike.


all you need to know





hard acceleration, followed by closed throttle deceleration, repeat, repeat & repeat

change oil at 20 miles (about an hour)

continue with above for another hour

change oil

your bike is run in


done 3 bikes like this (i brand new, 2 with replated cylinders and new pistons & rings)

all 3 have been excellent

none use oil, even the DRZ which has 10K mile on it now since rebuild and it doesn't use a drop of oil, likewise an SV1000 which has 18K on it and doesn't use any oil.


Latest bike to get this treatment is WR450

it now power wheelies in fourth, which it didn't do ever before (and I got it with 232 miles on the clock, so it wasn't exactly worn out when I had it)


You will get 200 different answers on here, from follow the manual, to ride it like you stole it

Mototune way is proven


Ultimately its your bike and do whatever you feel is best for it

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Alroght cool, thanks guys. I read the mototune article last night after skipping through the wr faqs

Sorry for posting something thats been discussed already too lol I thought I had read everything, figures the faqs had the answer the whole time :wacko:

Sorry for posting something thats been discussed already too lol I thought I had read everything, figures the faqs had the answer the whole time :wacko:

Banned for life!

Warm up, ride hard but not too long and stay off rev limiter. About 15 minutes. Come in and check spokes, oil level, adjust bars, etc. Ride harder and longer with similar cool down. Repeat until out of gas. Change oil, check everything over, set up suspension, etc.. Have fun.

Banned for life!


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