Valve Shim Question

Well, I finally got brave enough to take her apart and look at the valve clearances. It really wasn't that hard except the engine mounting bracket bolts were pretty snug. Musta had one of those Sumo wrestlers tighten it.

Anyhoo, I found that the intake clearances were right in the middle of spec but the exhausts were on the lower spec limit or slightly below (~0.24-0.25). So I've ordered replacements, but I was wondering if the exhaust shims and the intake shims use the same type of shim? If so, I'll hang onto the ones I'm replacing on the exhaust side in case they'd fit on the intake side later (I didn't pull the intake cam off cuz I don't need to now). If they won't fit, I guess I'll hang onto them in case they'll work in my 2003 electric start YZ450F (please please please!!)

Yep they are the same. There are only 3 or 4 different styles used by all the jap bike companies.

Yup, the shims are the same diameter on the intake and exhaust. However, I have found that some dealers will swap out the shims at no charge, so you shouldn't really worry about hanging on to the old ones. Going one shim thinner should give you plenty of clearance.

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