Stoddard Valley???

Thinking about making the drive to stoddard valley for some riding on Saturday, except for I haven't gotten a spark arrestor for my bike yet. Does anybody know if they are enforcing out there? I was there a while ago and have never been there on a holiday weekend. Didn't see any rangers when I was there. Crowds??? Any feedback would be awsome.

God Bless and have a safe new year


I was out there 2-3 weeks ago (SAT) and didn't come across 1 ranger. I 'de say including myself and my buddy, there were 10 people in the area we rode. Great place, I'de rather ride Gorman though, more terrain.

I was there 2 weeks ago and saw 2 rangers/sherrifs on bikes!! They were parked near the Hodge Road area where the dirt and asphalt meet! They showed up in a truck pulling an enclosed trailer with the law enforcement logos matching on both.

I am going to El Mirage dry lake tomorrow, so if you want to ride there, maybe I'll see ya!

Silver Toyota PreRunner and a white Dodge Caravan in our group.

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