Carburator rebuild kit

I have a 2001 WR 426, The carburator has never been apart except to clean the pilot jet once in awhile. It seem's to be leaking fuel from various rubber/o-rings that have gone bad. I have found two rebuild kits one from JD jetting around $50.00 and one from Sudco around 150.00 does anybody ever used either one of these kits?

 There are a limited number of parts inside the carb that are proprietary.

You can replace the fuel inlet orings from an oring kit from harbor frieght, as well as the needle seat oring, the choke plunger oring,  and the fuel screw oring.

The float needle and seat , and the accelerator pump orings and diaphragm you would buy from sudco, if they need replacing.

 Everything else is jets.

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