Swingarm and linkage seals


I'm replacing the seals in the swingarm and shock linkage on my 2006 WR450f. I only need the seals. Will I have to go to a Yamaha shop or can I get these in the internet somewhere? I already know about the pivot works kit that has everything. Thank you.

Pivot works

All Balls



OEM is best.

You can order all the parts individually on the TT store.

Any bearing factor will be able to supply the seals

Just get the sizes, either of the seals or by direct measurement


Loads cheaper to buy as a generic engineering component than from Yamaha


Such an example in the uk is http://simplybearings.co.uk/


I never buy seals or bearings from Yamaha, unless they are specials


Here are the sizes (from a 2008 model) - yours maybe different being 2006. compare the part numbers on here http://www.ronayers.com/FICHE-C22846.aspx

Bottom shock seals                         17 x 24 x 2.5                                                                                      

Linkage Oil Seals                            25 x 32 x 4 - 4 off                                                                                          

'U' Arm Oil Seals                             22 x 28 x 4 - 2 off                                                                                          

Swing Arm Oil seals                        Inner 22 x 28 x 6 - 2 off,

                                                       Outer 28 x 35 x 4 - 2 off

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