Have a weird leak… Video attached

Went riding two days ago and came home to low coolant level. Poured coolant while bike was on stand (I have not started it at all since that ride), and this is what I get. It seems to be leaking right from the bottom corner of that fitting.


Is there something in there that wears out and I need to replace? Or is it a matter of tightening that allen bolt down some more. Although I can't imagine that it's just metal on metal there.



There is an o-ring on that fitting that you can't see because its inside the head, to access it drain the coolant, remove the bolt and pull it out, I'm 99% sure that is the problem.

Is it only on the bottom bolt? 

The O-ring is in a groove on the pipe stub that inserts into the head.  Remove the bolt, wriggle the fitting out of its socket, and change it. 

…. $0.69 and a trip to AutoZone and the problem is fixed! 


Just want to say, thanks a million for helping us dumb newbies work on our bikes. I used to have a private mechanic before the economic down turn. I would tell him what's wrong with my bike, leave my garage door open and come home to a fixed machine with an invoice tucked into the seat. Now that I'm temporarily out of work, you guys are the only way I can still enjoy my passion. I'm also learning a lot and having fun working on my baby myself.


Don't know what I would do without TT.   :ride:   

Everyone has to start somewhere, in my family none of us has ever let someone else work on our bikes and out of our 65 (between me and my dad) bikes we've only bought 1 that didn't need work. Have fun working on your bike:)

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