installing fuel screw.

fuel screw came out on a ride on my wr450. im wondering if i can install a new one without moving the carb. im thinking you only need to move the carb the get the old one out? but since its out can i just put it in? the adjustable screw is on its way. i just have no tools as i am holidays and far from home :)

All depends on how dexterious you are. You als need to ensure that you have a spring/washer/oring on the screw. These may of fallen out, they may be stuck inside. You need to confirm it either way.


You may be able to loosen the manifold clamps and rotate the carb, use a mirror and bright light to peer up the cavitiy to check.



New screw/parts in, set to 1.75 turns, then get the engine hot, and fine adjust for a perfect idle. You can put safety wire on the new screw to hold it in place and prevent it from falling out.

William nailed it. It can be done but use caution regarding the old o-ring spring and washer.

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