panarama computer

Hey, just got a panarama computer off a Cdale, does anyone have one mounted on a YZ/WR, how did u mount it and where did u mount the magnet? Thankx.

If you e-mail trailtech they will sell you a mount kit specific for the yz/wr. It is like $25.

The magnet mounts to the front rotor by the mounting bolts. Typicaly they have a bolt that has a magnet in the head. You just replace one of your rotor bolts with it. I couldn't get my bolt out so I JB welded a magnet to my rotor. The pickup screws to your front caliper. You have to drill a hole in the caliper to screw it on.

Here is there e-mail adress

and web adress

Here is the pickup that you need

Here is what it looks like mounted

the long wire panaram is on sale at for $24.99. it is the bicycle style but with a bit of engineering it can be made to work. at that price.......

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