BK Mod for '02 YZ

Just a note to let you guys know. I had an '02 YZ 426 here last night. Pulled the carb to check the AP squirt time. It was almost 4 seconds. So I did the BK mod and am waiting to hear the results later this weekend. But by the looks of it, the '02 is a likely candidate for the mod. I know there was a lot of speculation whether it needed it or not.

Hey Mark,

Just to let you know: I know 2 people who did the mod on 02' YZ426's and they love the results! The squirt duration on the 2 bikes were both over 3 secs (on my 01' it was about 4.5 secs) Now since it is getting colder I am richening up the needle clip one position!

If you guys havent bought James Dean's jetting guide (for $19.95) , then you are missing ALOT! This spreadsheet is "beginner friendly" and even graphs the jetting changes for you...it also takes in altitude and temperature into consideration! This is definately a worthwhile investment, and it isnt just for YZF's either! Has anyone else tried JD's spreadsheet? Because this things rocks! Later,


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