Front tire size on 2011 YZ450?

I have a 2011 yz450 and have tried a few combinations to get the front to not push in the corners and have gotten it better in the almost 2 years I have owned it.  I have tried the 80/100/21 that came on it and currently have a mx 51 90/100/21 that I am going to refreash.  But....  My local shop doesn't have one in stock and says they are not available anymore as if they have discontinued them (parts unlimited I think).  They have the 80/100/21 and also have a 90/90/21.  Has anyone run this new size front tire on this bike?  I want something that turns better for me than the stock 80/100/21.  I have had the forks revalved and have tried moving the forks up and down in the triple camps.  I have been fairly satisfied with the 90/100/21 but can't get it apparently.  So, what do you think about the new size?





It may help if it's soft ground he's running on.  The MS3 is not suited to anything hard.


I run the Bridgestone 203 in 90/100x21 in the SoCal desert (a mix of almost everything except loam, and not very much mud) and it works better than what I've previously used. 


OP: The difference between a 90/90 and a 90/100 is that the 90/90 is slightly shorter vertically at the same width.  One should be about like the other if the MX51 works for you.

i recently installed a Bridgestone 403 90/100x21 on my 2011 YZ450F and really like the way it handles

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