AMA 4-stroke weight limits

I've recently read some issues about the new ruling on four stokes meeting a new weight limit for AMA events.

The author claimed that this year some of the top 250F bikes will have to add weight.

Of course, there's the debate on what this could do in regards to development issues and long term effects on the application of 4-strokes.

Anybody have any positive positions on this?

What I'd read was that they'd dropped the weight issue WRT to the 4-strokes. They (AMA) instead decided to make the 4strokes adhere to current sound levels.

The AMA has back peddled on the weight restrictions. Four strokes will not have a different weight limitation. They realized that all that would do is counter act what the original four stroke rule was supposed to do in the first place- encourage four stroke developement!

I read that the 426s and the 450 would have to meet the 500cc weight limit and the 250s would have to meet the 250class weight limits. and to race in the 250class they would have to be no larger than 450cc.

Kylee Wylee


I'm not a MX'er at all and I ride a WR426 (pretty heavy). I know out in the desert the extra weight adds some stability at high speeds. Just wondering if there is a certain point on an MX track where too little weight is a disadvantage???

DaveJ, there is a recent article in one of the Bike mags that addresses this very issue. (one of the few good articles). It seems the AMA is confused on whether or not to let bike manufacturers keep up the current trend to find ways of more HP & less weight for 4strokes. We all hear that 2strokes may be discontinued by 2004/2005, maybe,maybe not. If Honda can get the 2002 CR250 at around 218lbs, why can't the same be true for 4strokes. I believe it is the AMA's way of either knowing that 2strokes are going away or that 4strokes need their own class all together. I believe Ferry's bike was safe at the majic 226lb limit that the AMA has for 4strokes so he is not affected, but it is true that 250f's will have to have weight added. I think the AMA needs to revisit this issue to allow uso have 60-70HP 4strokes that weigh about 225lbs, can you imagine?

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