Yz426 accerator pump actuator stuck?!

I have a fcr stock 426 carb that when the throttle is pushed the black actuator move. I can't even move with my hand. Also the pump rod won't lock in place where suppose too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Actually the ball on the end of rod os not connected to arm that holds it. Does it just snap in place?

     Sounds like a problem i had with my carb when replaceing the needle. I am willing to bet someone at somepoint removed the slide to replace the needle and in doing so the cam that the accel pump arm rides on went past the stop. to fix you need to remove carb from bike and take out the screw on the slide arm connected to the throttle linkage. to do this remove the top of the carb , its a plate with two allen screws 6mm i think . Make sure you dont loose the o ring casket under the cover. looking down on the slide from the top you will see a single scre holding the arm to the linkage body  #2 phillips removes the screw. after it is removed you can slide the throttle linkage out abount 3/8 of a inch to the right side to allow you to put the accel pump back on the cam. You have to hol the twister where your throttle cables attach  to keep spring in right place as you slide it out to right some , just enough to take screwdriver and move metal accel pump arm towards front of carb to ride on cam which is now out of way so you can use screwdriver to move and hold accel pump arm in correct position. then slide throttle linkage back into carb in original position. replace screw and tighten to hold slide arms on flat spot on pin where it came out of. then you should be able to take a flathead scewdriver and push pushrod from accel pump back into black plastic notch on end it is a rounded hole that pushrod from accel pump clicks into . then check function of accel pump by twisting linkage where the throttle cables connect and check squirt timing for slide and accel pump. You want it to squirt past slide as it goes up just barely missing slide. there is a screw on metal arm that actuates black plastic arm adjust this to get squirt timed. once it is timed how you want it put top back on carb making sure o ring gasket is in place tighten two allen screws and reinstall carb dont overtighten allen screws they only need to be snug.  This explanation is kinda rough and assumes you have some working knowledge of a carb and how to remove it. Hope it helps  once ya look at your carb you should be able to get the jist of what im saying.

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