Buying a WR400, what should I look out for?

I'm planning to buy a 99 or 00  WR400, any suggestions on what specifically to look for on my test ride?  Any common problems on these?  


I've got $2500 to spend on a plated dirt bike and I see 4 WR400s available in my area, 99's and 00.  I am not familar with "modern" 4 strokes or Yamahas.  I've been riding an 1987 XR600 for 25 years but I want something lighter with better suspension.


I test rode one of them so far that had an aftermarket Edelbrock carburetor and it ran great except for a slight bog off of idle in first gear at 4 mph from throttle off to throttle on.  That seemed like it could be a problem on tight trails.


Any suggestions or insights from WR400 owners or former owners would be much appreciated.



You need to find one with low hours, or receipts for the top end rebuild, since it's 14 years old.

Edlebrock carbs are made pretty poorly, so avoid them. The stock carb is fine once properly set up.


Condition is everything.

Thanks for the insights Krannie, anybody else have any advise for me???  Please?  I've never done a top end on a 4-stroke, done many two strokes.  Are the parts costs are much higher for a 4 stroke.  How can you tell when a 4stroke needs the top end to be rebuilt?

Save your money and get a yz450f. Those 400s are the first high compression 4 strokes which they have a lot of problems

I'd try to find an 04 or later WR450.  Much better bikes and have e-start.

Thanks for advice.  I ended up spending more and got an 06 Husky TE510 with 3100 miles.  I LOVE it.

2013-12-27 16.14.53.jpg

Ride on

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