Just got back from a 3 day adventure with UTAHMOTO.COM and I have to say it was incredible.

First time I had ever been to MOAB. This is an experience well worth making time for. I highly recommend it!

The crown jewel was on day 3 when I found myself racing with two super fast guys (one 01 KTM 520EXC and one 01 XR650R) up and down a sandwash for nearly 20 miles! Hitting almost 80mph in the straights!

Keeping up on a Stock Honda 400 was an experience I don't think I (or everyone else!) will ever forget!

One of the guys (Jeff) from Vancouver Washington makes some really trick computerized compact odometer/speedo set ups. you can check them out at

Nice guy and one hell of a fast ass rider on that 01 KTM 520EXC! Same goes for Joel, the fastest 23 yr old I've ever seen on an XR650R with NO BACK TIRE!

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