426 carburetion

It seems like no matter what I do, I cant get the carburetor set up right on my 426. The mid and top end seem to be strong but the low end off idle has been a major problem lately. I have an external idle mixture screw installed and it seems like it constantly needs adjusting to get a crisp throttle response off idle. I know your not supposed to abruptly open the throttle while the bike is on a stand, but I feel like I sshould have much better results than I currently do. Anybody want to chime in on experience with this?

The 400/426 carbs arent that great.  As much as I still love my 400  -  abrupt off ilde wacks of the throttle wether on the stand or while riding can cause a stumble.  I have never been able to completely tune this out.  While normal riding and racing it shouldnt happen but if I really want to I can cause it to stumble. 


Saw a thread that GreyRacer posted up a response too and he references which 450 carbs to swap in for better results. Look for the post " help for 99 Carb"



  My 04 & 06 is crisp and clean.

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Good to know about the possible carb swap. The main reason I complian is because I feel like the bike is much more sensitive to any carburetor adjustments than any other bike I've own. Just when I get things correct I feel like I ride it a week later and it is out of adjustment again!

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