Powder coating frame

I got a 2010 yz450f wondering how much work it is to strip the frame so I can get it powder coated ? I did my raptor 700 but I don't know anything about bikes ! cant be that much different can it ? im kinda just scared of the forks and all that taken em off and putten em back on

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If you are powder coating the frame than just take the whole front off as an assembly. Either way it's nothing to fear super easy. You can tear a bike down taking your time and being organized in a couple hours.

\ really ? awesome do u just loosen the nuts or what and r there seals and bearings pressed into the frame or no

I did it on my yz and banshee. It's easy. Hardest part is remember how to put it back together ;)


I also took my swing arm and forks off as an assembly.


not bad for an ole warn out 02

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Just the frame, not that much work really. I'm getting my swing arm and linkage done on my kx and only reason it's a PITA is removing/replacing the bearing in them

Oh yeah I was gonna do my frame and swingarm and maybe the motor mounts ! I pulled my raptor 700 apart and did that I just ain't sure how to get the forks off as a whole assembly

Just look at the manual and you will see how it's all put together. I used an impact gun to speed things up. The worst part is it's just tedious. Nothing is hard with these bikes, it just takes time. The next time you do it, it will be easier/quicker to do.

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