Steering dampener for pig which one????

Another vote for GPR. I run them on my XR650R and my CR500R. Won't leave home without them! My 500 was a handfull flat out in a sand wash. You know the story...the "Infamous Honda Headshake"! Put a GPR on it and it changed the whole attitude of the motorcycle! Turned it into a Tomahawk Missile. I even geared it up. I know that people like the big KX's out in the wide open spaces, but I feel that the big CR can hold it's own and then some. Not to get off track...back to the issue...GPR; great product, great customer service...Good...not bad :)

Should'a had one on my XR70R last weekend when my Rokatt Scientist Son was riding it...The doctor said his tibia should be as good as new in 6 to 8 weeks! :D :D

Rokatt Report...Over 'n Out!

Just ordered a scotts combo with CR high bars and bolt on mount...I like that the knob protrudes so you can grab it. Im not smokin fast so I can adjust it easily on the fly. I also like the zero to center. I will tell you how it works after Jack Rabbits on Sunday.

Hey Rocket88, what damper do you have on your CRF450 :)

OK, I don't see a CRF in your profile yet, so you must still be on the hunt, or are you waiting for the 'X'? :D

Im puttin the scotts on my crf...want to ride it Qadsan?

I had a friend that tore his scrotum on his damper on a mx track bailing over the bars on a CRF.

- uugghh, gulp. euuww. jesus thats a nasty image.... :)

Im puttin the scotts on my crf...want to ride it Qadsan?

Heck yeah! You may not ever get it back :D, but yeah, I'd like to. :D

We're getting our house, barn, stables & my shop fumigated/tented in the next few weeks, so we're busy trying to get ready for it, but I need a break from all this stuff and badly 'need' to go riding after this since you're twisting my arm :)

Yo Qadizzle!

When we were out at Ocotillo for New Year's, my kids weren't able to join me for a couple of days. Gave me some Daddy time on the CRF250F. What a Great Bike! I had a chance to put it through it's paces running with the Big Dogs (CRF450R's). The 250 can hold it's own pretty darn good in the open sections and when it get tight & twisty...SEE YA! :D It's my bike while my Mensa Son heals his leg! I may have to get another one. Man are they FUN! Very stable too. May not even need a stabilizer...Damn! :)

I will be up in Phelan saturday testing my gearing and damper, Red mountain sunday for Jack Rabbits and then lucerrne the 25th for H& tell me when you want to hook up. No riding over the 18th as I will be at the Laughlin race.

I run the Scotts, but if I were to do it all over, I might go with the GBR, I have been out at the races, and can say the customer support from GBR is fantastic! I think Scotts might be getting better with its support, I had a problem with a broken shear pin, and they replaced it for free, parts and labor.

As far as performance goes, I'm very pleased with the Scotts...


You are getting off the subject - steering dampeners. The 250 does need one for the sand. Oh by the way, the 450's were just hanging with you because we think your cool!



HA! Yeah, I used to think the 650 was so stable that it didn't need one either. Then I got the GPR and found a whole new warp speed! :) Gonna take the Scotts off my son's KDX and mount it up on the Dos Feefty and see how that works (Parts Robber! Parts Robber!).

Hey, I gotta tell ya...To be honest with ya (in my best OC Chopper imitation)...That CRF250F is one hell of a moto-sickle and is a Ton 'o Fun!

We ridin' this weekend T-Diddy1100? :D


We be riding the Wells of Ocotillo on Sunday and I am taking the 450. Tomahawk and King Castle are coming along. :)


Mmmmmmm....Wells of Ocotillo....

Have you ever noticed that the Salton Sea smells like Lorax's Mom? :D What a SkanK! :):D

Damn, is that what that smell was coming from Salton Sea? Never smelled anything so nasty in my life!

Dude......clean your mom.

New Scott's triple clamp/bars/stabilizer combo and Renthal ribbed for his pleasure grips...



Just bought a scotts gold for 330.00 on e bay its the kind that bolts into the oil dipstick but not a bad price im excited. Thanks I was looking at a new GPR but this sounded like a great deal. Will let you know what I think (im sure it will be great!) :)

Raced Sunday at red mountain and would have to say that the stabilizer paid for itself by keeping me out of the hospital! Was neck and neck with a guy funneling from the bomb into the single track and he started swapping out in the whoops and his bar hit me square in the forearm and my bars didnt budge at all, but his deflected the other way and it put him right on the ground...a sore forearm with a huge bruise is much better then soil/rock samples at speed! Easy to adjust...can tell it works, and it looks badass!

Hey Kritter-

How was Jack Rabbit? Who won?

IT was great, tight, technical, lots of whoops and idea who won as I left shortly after I finished. I rode as a guest of Desert MCs and those old dudes are FAST!

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