Better Desert Bike? YZF or WR 450

Hopefully this will get me some advice on which to purchase. I am 43 years old and ride mostly in the sand dunes and open desert. I currently ride a 'YZ250 and enjoy the light bike and easy starting. I have also owned an KTM 450 and liked the e button but hated the maintenance. So help me make a decision that the WR is the way to go. Does it have the same horsepower or do I need to spend more money to make it perform like the YZF?



Just my opinion. I took my almost stock 426 to Glamis for a week a couple of months ago. It smoked any of the two strokes I used to ride out there. Maybe it was just me but I thought the 4 stroke did real well.

I have minor changes: pipe, header, yz timing, free mods, steering damper, paddle tire.

But that thing ROCKED in the desert.


Yeah I rode my friends stock 426 with paddle tire and was really impressed with the power! I just couldn't get it started when it was hot. I am a pretty small guy and need the e start...

thanks for the reply..


No, you just need the Dubach hot start (on the throttle side). And proper jetting. It cracks me up when I read these jetting posts, I ride my bike from the desert to almost 6000 feet (goat mountain, stonyford) and it runs great and starts all the time. I can start my 426 cold on the first kick 99% of the time. The other option is to not let the engine die.....yea right. I haven't mastered that one either.

Anyhow, I would recommend a four stroke, if I could afford a new bike I would probably buy a 450exc, but the 426 runs great.


I have both a WR and a YZ 426. They are two very different bikes. The WR is set up for Desert Racing with a higher top speed and softer ride. The YZ is quicker but not as fast and the suspension is more firm. If you're going to spend more time in the Dez I would go with the WR. You can't go wrong either way. They're both BLUE!! :)

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