any super motard racers out there?

hi, newish to the board

santa delivered a yz426 for xmas finally

i will mod it to run on slicks up at loudon nh, i also run a gsxr600 pics at ! (i'm the one thats not bald or fat)

anyway heeeeeeellpp please :)

to mod this bike

i will put on 17" excel rims and braking usa oversize front rotors, and lockwire of course, gearing and my trusty chickenhawks

what else do i need to do, which slicks do i run ?, suspension mods , performance. tools etc

jb426 who runs loudon and team scream gave me some great tips

and i'm just checking back to get updates

i'm a total mx newbie so any help would be great




(oh and i did a search)

[ December 30, 2001: Message edited by: pabsy ]

I would lower it, soften up the compression, and crank on the rebound. I don't know about running slicks, at least on the front(not enough weight up there to get decent heat into the tire). If it's a YZ go with the tallest CS sprocket, and smallest rear you can get on there without doing any damage. The CS sprocket is the same as an Aprilia RS250 (if that helps) I think I've put a 16 on the front and a 47 on the back without having to add links. Keep in mind too, a 17" wheel is really going to lower your gearing. If you have a YZ, I've heard of people installing WR gears -run a search. Good luck

pabsy, i have built a couple of motard bikes,suzuki DR650 and a CR500 both of which were street ridden and not raced but from what i've read and learned,some guys run a rain tire on the front and a slick on the rear(the rain tire heats up quicker)for pure road courses and pirelli MT21s for tracks w/off road sections(like that come stock on the KTMduke)also when putting the rear wheel together you may want to either lace the rim slightly to one side or space the front and rear sprockets out to get extra chain clearance for the rear tire,i used a washer between the sprocket and hub on the rear and a couple of shims(of equal thickness to the washers in the rear)for the front sprocket,be sure to watch the clearance between the chain and the inner part of the frame though,i've also heard of clearance problems with the front tire and fork gaurds on the YZ which you could either trim or remove them if needed good luck with the project super motards are a blast to ride you'll probably want to sell your gsxr after you ride the sm'd YZ



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